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R. L. Crafter & Co Ltd is a multi-discipline mechanical services contractor.
We are committed to considering and protecting the environment during the course of our works, and endeavour to ensure that the potential harmful effects of our actions are minimised wherever practicable.

To ensure continuous environmental improvement and prevention of pollution, senior management will implement this Environmental Policy in line with the requirement ofBS 8555 EMS to achieve the following Environmental objectives.

  • Ensure that all activities are carried out in an Environmentally sound manner for all employees, contractors, and the general public.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and codes of practice.
  • Identify and manage existing and potential environmental impacts.
  • Promote environmental awareness and an understanding of environmental performance objectives amongst employees through communication and training.
  • Reduce energy usage in all areas of the business where possible.
  • Develop relationships with suppliers, customers, contractors and relevant third parties to discuss and promote improvements in environmental performance.
  • Minimise waste and resource usage in all areas of activities where practicable.
  • Make the Policy available to clients and communicate with interested parties on environmental issues.
  • Seek to incorporate environmental considerations into future policy decision-making at all levels.
  • Formally review and update objectives and targets.

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